Simple XMPP Daemon

A public domain server for the XMPP (Jabber) chat protocol


2010-06-30 v0.3.1 - fix stupid bug in MUC

2010-06-29 Just released version 0.3. Features some bugfixes, online creation of chat rooms and user accounts, and a config file.

2010-06-08 This page is likely to lag behind the current state of development, although I will try to upload new versions regularly.


There are other, functional XMPP servers out there, but they're either far too complicated for my taste or have dependences on some trendy language-of-the-week which I don't want to install on my machine.

Enter sxmppd. It's simple, it's written in C++, and its only dependencies are OpenSSL, libxml2 and sqlite.


I'm pretty much making this up as I go along. It doesn't (yet) fully or correctly implement the XMPP spec. Many essential features are still to be implemented. There are probably serious bugs and security vulnerabilities. In short, don't use this for anything serious right now.

A lot of the code is rather hacky and poorly structured. This will get better as I implement more functionality.


(Buggy and incomplete, but you can use 'em)


You can get hold of sxmppd from the download page.



This code is hereby released into the public domain (or equivalent where applicable). Go wild.

Leo Howell - norisys