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Bounder is a free 3D CAD application for solid modelling. It targets a feature-based approach where parts are designed by sketching profiles and extruding, or modifying existing faces.

This project started as an exercise to teach myself about BREP modelling, but has grown into a proper application. It's not Blender - this workflow is more appropriate for engineers than artists.

The emphasis is on design and parameterization rather than shaping, so that it is easy to create automatically many similar parts which differ only by the size or position of a feature. In the future this software should provide equivalent functionality to commercial products such as Pro/ENGINEER and SolidEdge.

The name Bounder is derived from the modeller which uses Boundary Representation (BREP). Any amusing synonyms are purely coincidental.


Bounder is currently alpha software. That is, it is possible to demonstrate (part of) the workflow, but the application is not feature complete. It will of course abort at the slightest provocation :)

If you're looking for something more complete, try FreeCAD.

Bounder currently features:


This is entirely my own work - all of the code has been written from scratch without reference to any other code. As the sole author, I release this software into the public domain. You may use, duplicate, modify, distribute and relicense the software without restriction, but it is entirely at your own risk.

However, when compiled, this software uses libraries including gtkmm and gtkglext which are released under different conditions. If you distribute binaries made from this code, you must make sure that you comply with the license conditions of any libraries you link against.


The software is written in C++, using some features from the proposed C++0x standard. In particular, lambda expressions and shared_ptr from TR1. (C++0x has some really cool stuff in it - go check it out!)

You will need a very new compiler to build this. I use the experimental cxx0x-lambdas-branch of GCC. See linked page for build instructions.

Earlier versions built with GCC 4.3 and ICC 11.0, but these no longer work. Future versions of these compilers may work as support for the new standard is added.

As for libraries, install development files for the latest versions of gtkmm and gtkglextmm and you should be set. I work mainly on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 (64-bit).


Please note that there are no binary releases yet. In its current state this software is likely only of interest to developers. If you are unable to build the code yourself then please hang around until the beta is ready (sorry!).

Alpha release 0.1 is out! See the downloads page. Here's a screenshot:

Leo Howell - norisys